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"Maison Bedouin" is a dream come true born from two Franco-Comorian cousins. Belonging to the lineage of Jamal-al-Layl a family from the region of Hadramaout, they cultivate the memory of origins. It is while travelling across the Gulf region that they start recognizing themselves in the values of love of the clans, the sense of honor and the strong bond to the land and its benefits. The growing passion they developed and its desire to put it in object is felt. Creation becomes the answer. It is within the world of fashion, that this love of the Bedouin culture anchored in a futuristic vision of the XXI century will flourish.


Parisian designers have chosen to mix ancestral traditions with Parisian chic, in a contemporary style.

These different influences are illustrated through the use of noble materials, such as leather, transposed on modern supports.

Like the Emirates, "Maison Bedouin" remains proud of its roots, while opening up to the world.

Exceptional Knowledge

Maison Bedouin realizes the making of his gloves in more than 25 stages that take place between Naples and Paris. We select for you the best skins, tanning and drying are carried out outdoors to ensure a glove upscale. Our lambskin has a suppleness and incomparable finesse that offers the glove comfort and exceptional well-being. An exotic skin pigmented with a unique aesthetic, the carpincho or big rodent capibara living mainly in South America, will offer your gloves a soft touch like velvet finish.
For this collection we have chosen to present models in "bi-material" marriage between exotic skin and lambskin full grain.

(Exceptional pieces for an exceptional style)

* An exclusivity, models signed with gold foil hot stamping by our Parisian workshop master. Our Neapolitan Master Gantier is the heir to a unique family craftsmanship, located in the historical capital of Naples, his workshop exudes leather and history. Each of our gloves has been carefully cut and sewn by hand to ensure high-end prestigious pieces.

* Maison Bedouin does not use pork leather (peccary).

Maison Bédouin Paris Discover our first range of gloves dedicated to men and women
Exceptional pieces for an exceptional style
Maison Bédouin Paris

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